At 2 Teachers Tutoring, our goal is to help students succeed!

We can assist students if they are struggling in math, reading, science, writing or history. We can also aid in basic organization, study skills or test preparation.
We are licensed, active teachers in the Wichita area who work with students in an educational setting daily. Through our background and teaching experience we utilize a variety of educational strategies to help struggling students. Our tutoring service gives students the confidence and organizational skills needed to be successful in school and beyond.

Our tutors are qualified to work with a variety of students.

We are certified to teach High School, Middle School, Elementary and Pre K in the areas of Regular Education, Special Education, Reading Specialist and Gifted and Talented.

Some tutoring services will not accept students with disabilities. We will! We have experience working with students with learning disabilities, behavior disorders, ADHD, dyslexia, autism and more.



School Standards
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What is Kagan Cooperative learning?
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